Does your business really need a Facebook page?

Maybe not!

Everyone else is doing it, so why shouldn’t I? My short answer is: if you’re not going to do it well, don’t bother doing it. If you are just going to plug your business on Facebook you won’t get that many people interested. Save yourself the hassle and focus on Twitter and YouTube.

So if you do want to create a Facebook page, remember to InfoTain people. Entertain them in order to give them information. Think about the kind of business you’re in. What would your customers talk about at a social gathering? That’s what you’re going to talk about on your facebook page. Share interesting news stories and videos. Post interesting pictures. Ask leading questions and get your customers talking.

One of the things i do is shark cartoons. I love the conversations I have on my Facebook page. We talk about all things shark related, and the fans do most of the talking (they even share my page with their friends).

So, are you ready to start a social conversation on Facebook? If not, I would suggest holding off on your Facebook page until you’re ready. But if you are ready, go for it!

Any questions? Would love to hear from you!



Content is king

When it comes to social media, content is king!

Back in the day it was enough to just have a website full of information, but if you want to excel in social media you need to share free content.

Examples of content:

  • Entertaining videos
  • How-to’s, tips and advice
  • Photos and images

So don’t just talk about your product, think about the industry you are in and have a bit of fun talking about it. Start a discussion, and encourage your followers to join in and share too.

Any suggestions or examples? Would love to hear from you!

Why cartoonists are social media experts #1

Did I mention that I’m a cartoonist?

Some people are surprised when they hear I now work in social media. For over 15 years I have been a cartoonist and animator. When you think about it, a cartoonist has to get information across quickly in an entertaining way. And that’s how social media works best. I like to call it InfoTainment.

Go on, hire a social media expert today. If you want the best, look for a cartoonist!

Phil (

Social media for small business.. in 30 seconds!

Got your attention? That’s the whole idea. Anything you do in social media should be short, sweet and simple.

Info-tain your followers. INFOrm them with enterTAINing content.

Tweet and Facebook daily.
Add YouTube content monthly.

If you entertain 100 people you might get 1 customer, so grow your followers (I will show you how soon!)

Go on, do it right now.