Animation for email campaign

We’ve just completed work on an animation for an email campaign.

The client (Christian Super) wanted to get a higher click through rate from an email they sent out. We came up with this short animation that encourages members to transfer all of their super funds and thereby save money. So here it is, will report on the success of this campaign soon!


Info-tainment is the new I.T.

Anyone remember when I.T. was the big growth industry? Well now there’s no shortage of information out there, we have the technology to find it lightning quick, but how is your information going to get noticed?

I put it to you that the entertaining content is going to be chosen by 90% of online viewers.

Hence our favorite word: InfoTainment.

Would love to hear your thoughts!


How to stop related YouTube videos showing up on WordPress

(updated dec ’11)
So you want to put a YouTube clip in your WordPress blog, but you don’t want related videos to show up when it is finished, right?

Basically you just need to type ‘?rel=0’ after your YouTube URL

I’ll take you thru it step by step

  1. Find the YouTube video you want to use
  2. Copy the URL of the video (it should look something like
  3. Choose where you want to insert the video in your WP post
  4. Select the movie icon next to Upload/Insert
  5. Select ‘from URL’
  6. Paste the URL and then type ?rel=0 straight after it (that’s a zero, not an ‘o’)
  7. Done!

Why 2D animation?

As you might have guessed, we love creating 2D animation.

And here’s a little history of how I (Phil) got into animating.

I had been drawing cartoons for years, and played around with a demo version of Flash 5. Then in 2001 a friend told me there was a job going with an animation house. I went in there and was told straight out that I didn’t have the necessary skills, but was also told there was a job going with the TV show ‘Catch Phrase’ which was in the same building. I went in there and had a quick chat with the producer, who gave me some sample ‘Phrases’ to draw up. I wasn’t really that interested in the job, but was offered it and eventually decided to take it.

Here’s some of the simple animations that I did for the show:

It turned out to be a great job, working with some great people and also a good introduction to some basic animation.

After the show finished I kept playing with Flash and started working with Underwater Adventures Aquarium doing shark cartoons. Around the same time, YouTube started and I casually suggested to my boss that would should try doing some short animations. He was keen, so I started animating their mascot ‘Sharky’ doing a world tour. Here was the first one I ever did:

You can see the all of my Sharky animations here.

It was also a great way to learn ‘on the job’ and at the same time I was discovering what worked for a YouTube audience.

Now here I am a few years later with a few more tricks up my sleeves, and still loving creating 2D animation. Here’s my latest showreel, and watch this space for more updates!


What if I don’t have any social media content?

When it comes to having a successful social media strategy, content is vital. But what if you don’t have any interesting content?

Well of course you could always hire a social media expert (that’s what we do here at

Otherwise, there is nothing wrong with hunting around for other peoples’ content and posting it on your own channel. When you think about how much information is spinning around the internet it is really quite difficult to watch and follow everything. So why not make your own social media channels a central collecting house for your particular kind of business?

The whole idea is to engage your existing and potential customers/clients.

As I have mentioned before, one of my other ‘hats’ is shark cartoons. I usually create a new cartoon every week or two, but in the meantime I look around for interesting shark related news stories. Not just any shark stories, but interesting/fun stories.

Think about it in this way: How many of the jokes you tell were made up by you?  Not many? Me neither! In the same way, you can still info-tain people with other peoples’ content.

And now here is some classic comedy from Jimoen. Not my content of course, but now you know that this is a good place to find interesting content, right?

Is social media rocket science?

No, rocket science is the science of getting rockets into space. Social media is the … uh …science of connecting with people using Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

But I’m guessing you want to know how difficult it is to have a social media strategy for your business.

Short answer, easy. The slightly longer answer, its easy when you know how. And yes this is a plug for my social media business Have a look through this blog for some simple suggestions of how to do social media well. Or contact me today and let me help you out. I’m happy to work within your budget, and have over 5 years of social media experience with a variety of local and international businesses.


What do Christmas and social media have in common?

They both work best when you focus on giving!

‘It is more blessed to give than receive’. I know its fun to get great gifts at Christmas, but have you ever experienced the joy of giving a great present?

Social media is the same. It works best when you focus on giving. Give away free content. And you might have to do it for a while before you get a return.

So dig deep and find that generous part of you. Focus on giving rather than receiving. And I’m sure you may even enjoy it!