Quick answer to ‘Should I use YouTube or Vimeo video?’

Short answer, use both!

But if you are choosing one, I would still go with YouTube. Basically it will help your search ranking.
Update May 2012 – AND as I’ve just discovered, you can’t skip forward with Vimeo, but you can with YouTube. For example, if you only want to see the last few minutes of a long video you can jump straight there in YouTube, but with Vimeo you have to wait for the whole thing to load before you can skip to the end… quite a major issue!

A lot of people seem to be choosing Vimeo because it ‘seems nicer’ and it is true they do have a much ‘nicer’ site, but at the end of the day the video quality is determined by you and the kind of file you upload.

If you are worried about other videos showing up when your video has finished playing, there is a very easy fix that I’ve discussed in a previous post. Another short answer: add ‘?rel=0’ to the end of your YouTube video code.

Hope this helps!

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