Of whales and sharks

Believe it or not most people find out about us by searching for ‘shark cartoons’. That is because our creative director Phil also happens to be one of the world’s best known shark cartoonists! At the moment we are actually working on his animated series, simply called ‘Shaaark!’

Here’s a brief history of Phil’s work with sharks, whales, and things of the ocean:

Phil was born a shell’s throw from the Great Barrier Reef in North Queensland, Australia. He now lives, works and surfs on the northern beaches of Sydney, Australia.
After school he completed a degree in Science, majoring in Coastal Geomorphology. But it was his other skills in cartooning and story-telling that would become his career. He worked for 15 years as a freelance cartoonist, illustrating kids educational material and telling original stories to thousands of school kids throughout the Sydney region. He worked for the Channel 9 TV show “Burgo’s Catch Phrase”, his animations watched all over Australia every weeknight.

In 2000 Phil combined his love of the ocean with cartooning and developed his own series of shark cartoons. This casual hobby has now become the world’s largest collection of single panel shark cartoons, which can be seen at his dedicated ‘Shaaark!’ website: www.shaaark.com
In 2005 Underwater Adventures Aquarium in Minneapolis, USA hired Phil to turn their mascot ‘Sharky’ into a cartoon character. Over the next few years Phil created some short animations of Sharky on his YouTube channel, gaining over 2 million views.

In 2011 Movie Extra (Australia) helped turn his Shaaark! cartoons into an animated series. (note: currently in production August 2011… watch this space!)

These days Phil is passionate about his family, the ocean and telling stories to a kids- of all ages. He is a gifted communicator and loves using pictures to tell stories. It could be with a pencil and a piece of paper, or it could be shooting a HD short film. And he still tries to get in the ocean with his wife and kids as much as he can.

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