Why 2D animation?

As you might have guessed, we love creating 2D animation.

And here’s a little history of how I (Phil) got into animating.

I had been drawing cartoons for years, and played around with a demo version of Flash 5. Then in 2001 a friend told me there was a job going with an animation house. I went in there and was told straight out that I didn’t have the necessary skills, but was also told there was a job going with the TV show ‘Catch Phrase’ which was in the same building. I went in there and had a quick chat with the producer, who gave me some sample ‘Phrases’ to draw up. I wasn’t really that interested in the job, but was offered it and eventually decided to take it.

Here’s some of the simple animations that I did for the show:

It turned out to be a great job, working with some great people and also a good introduction to some basic animation.

After the show finished I kept playing with Flash and started working with Underwater Adventures Aquarium doing shark cartoons. Around the same time, YouTube started and I casually suggested to my boss that would should try doing some short animations. He was keen, so I started animating their mascot ‘Sharky’ doing a world tour. Here was the first one I ever did:

You can see the all of my Sharky animations here.

It was also a great way to learn ‘on the job’ and at the same time I was discovering what worked for a YouTube audience.

Now here I am a few years later with a few more tricks up my sleeves, and still loving creating 2D animation. Here’s my latest showreel, and watch this space for more updates!


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