What if I don’t have any social media content?

When it comes to having a successful social media strategy, content is vital. But what if you don’t have any interesting content?

Well of course you could always hire a social media expert (that’s what we do here at onewhale.com).

Otherwise, there is nothing wrong with hunting around for other peoples’ content and posting it on your own channel. When you think about how much information is spinning around the internet it is really quite difficult to watch and follow everything. So why not make your own social media channels a central collecting house for your particular kind of business?

The whole idea is to engage your existing and potential customers/clients.

As I have mentioned before, one of my other ‘hats’ is shark cartoons. I usually create a new cartoon every week or two, but in the meantime I look around for interesting shark related news stories. Not just any shark stories, but interesting/fun stories.

Think about it in this way: How many of the jokes you tell were made up by you?  Not many? Me neither! In the same way, you can still info-tain people with other peoples’ content.

And now here is some classic comedy from Jimoen. Not my content of course, but now you know that this is a good place to find interesting content, right?

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